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The Bells & Whistles

Hand-Mop Floors

Instead of using a mop, we will clean your hard floors the old fashioned way - on our hands and knees. We guarantee your floors will be so clean, they'll feel brand new under your feet. Since we'll already be down there, bundle this service with our Baseboard Scrubbing for a 15% discount!

$15 Per Room

Baseboard Cleaning

We will thoroughly scrub all baseboards within reach. We make sure to get all dust and spills, leaving them squeaky clean. Bundle this with our Floors Mopped By Hand service for a 15% discount!

$10 Per Room

Blind Dusting

We will thoroughly dust all window blinds within reach of a step ladder and clean the window sill. Bundle this service with Window Cleaning for a 15% discount!

*Price varies on number of windows


Dishwasher Cleaning

In order to clean your dishwasher, we will run it with a special solution that removes buildup, grime, and that odd smell you haven't been able to place. 

*Dishwasher must be empty to perform this service


Cabinet & Drawer Cleaning

Even though we open our cabinets several times a day, we never notice how filthy they are until the most inopportune time - like when your mother-in-law is staring at them silently judging you. We will clean all cabinet & drawer faces (and wipe them out if they're empty) in your kitchen & bathrooms


Refrigerator Cleaning

One morning you'll wake up, open your fridge and notice that sweet tea spill that's been there since the 4th of July.


Oven Cleaning


Garage Sweeping

Once your cars are pulled out, we will thoroughly sweep your garage floor and trash the dirt & debris. This service is a great add-on for our Open House Cleaning!


Fireplace Cleaning

Cleaning out your fireplace can be so much of a hassle that you forego the fire. Being the family oriented business that we are, we want you to have your cozy nights by the fire with your family and hot cocoa (of course!). Leave the mess for us, we'll sweep it out for you and you can enjoy the few cold nights that we get here in North Texas, worry free!

*We do not clean chimneys


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